gum inflammation with braces

Gum Inflammation with Braces- All You Need to Know

Gum inflammation with braces can ring an alarm for many patients. Especially patients who have never had an issue, gum inflammation with braces makes some patients panic. The good news is that some gum inflammation with braces is normal. And, if inflammation is caused by an issue, there are easy ways to correct the problem […]

Cleaning braces

Cleaning Braces On the Go: The Must Haves

Cleaning braces is a bit more difficult than your regular teeth cleaning routine. Especially when you’re on the go, proper cleaning can be difficult to do. Patients with orthodontic appliances should really be cleaning their teeth multiple times a day. When you are prepared, it makes dental hygiene with braces much easier. The great news […]

common speech issues

Common Speech Issues Orthodontic Treatment Can Help

Common speech issues affect many patients. While most people think speech problems are developmental delays or just a part of learning, they may have a different cause. There are several common speech issues that orthodontic treatment may help. In fact, some common speech issues are actually just a problem with the layout of your jaw […]

orthodontic elastics

Orthodontic Elastics FAQs

Orthodontic elastics can be a bothersome part of your journey to a straighter smile. While many people don’t like orthodontic elastics, they are an important part of getting you the smile you’ve always dreamed about. Let’s drive into the FAQs about elastics, since many patients ask “do I have to wear orthodontic elastics?” Orthodontic Elastics […]