permanent teeth

7 Reasons Why Your Child’s Permanent Teeth Aren’t Coming In

When your child loses their tooth it’s an exciting moment! The tooth fairy comes and rewards them for this milestone in their young lives. Eventually, more teeth fall out and they are replaced with the growth of their permanent, adult teeth. But what happens when those permanent teeth don’t seem to be coming in? Should […]

holidays with orthodontics

Holidays with Orthodontics: Enjoy the Season Without Setting Back Your Treatment

Holidays with orthodontics can be difficult to navigate. You are most likely on-the-go with all those extra holiday activities you’ve signed up for, and you might not have the time to follow your normal oral hygiene routine. The holidays also come with lots of not-so-healthy treats that can cause problems for your orthodontic treatment. The […]

iTero Digital Impression System

iTero Digital Impression System Makes Orthodontic Impressions Easier

iTero Digital Impression System is one of the greatest advancement in orthodontic treatment. If you’ve had orthodontic treatment years ago, you may know the struggle of getting your orthodontic impressions done. It’s messy, uncomfortable, and outright unpleasant. The great news is thanks to orthodontic advances, conventional impression making is a thing of the past. Let’s […]

Sleep Habits and Orthodontics

Sleep Habits and Orthodontics: How Your Child’s Sleep May Be the Sign of a Problem

Sleep habits and orthodontics are actually related in more ways than one. We all know that sleep is an important part of our health. For children, sleep helps with brain function and the process of development. It is during the sleep cycle that kids’ growth actually occurs. But, did you know that your child’s poor […]