6 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss a Deep Dental Cleaning

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Miss a Deep Dental Cleaning

In this article, you’ll discover the answer to are deep dental cleanings necessary. Regular cleanings are an important part of preventative dental care. Cleanings improve your oral health today and protect your teeth and gums in the future. Some people are afraid of the dentist. They put off going until there’s an absolute emergency. Others […]

lifetime retainer wear

Lifetime Retainer Wear and Its Importance

Lifetime retainer wear is an important part of your orthodontic maintenance treatment if recommended by your orthodontist. When you finish your orthodontic treatment, you are probably excited to be done with it! While it is important to take time to enjoy your newly formed smile, foregoing your recommended instructions can lead to serious setbacks. Lifetime […]

mouthguard protection

The Ultimate Guide to Mouthguard Protection

Mouthguard protection is important for several reasons, especially for individuals who participate in contact sports. Your smile is an important part of who you are. Imagine how you would feel if you lost or permanently damaged some of your teeth? Since everything from smiling to talking and even eating can be affected when you lose […]