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Sleep Habits and Orthodontics: How Your Child’s Sleep May Be the Sign of a Problem

Sleep habits and orthodontics are actually related in more ways than one. We all know that sleep is an important part of our health. For children, sleep helps with brain function and the process of development. It is during the sleep cycle that kids’ growth actually occurs. But, did you know that your child’s poor […]

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Gum Inflammation with Braces- All You Need to Know

Gum inflammation with braces can ring an alarm for many patients. Especially patients who have never had an issue, gum inflammation with braces makes some patients panic. The good news is that some gum inflammation with braces is normal. And, if inflammation is caused by an issue, there are easy ways to correct the problem […]

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Cleaning Braces On the Go: The Must Haves

Cleaning braces is a bit more difficult than your regular teeth cleaning routine. Especially when you’re on the go, proper cleaning can be difficult to do. Patients with orthodontic appliances should really be cleaning their teeth multiple times a day. When you are prepared, it makes dental hygiene with braces much easier. The great news […]