mouthguard protection

The Ultimate Guide to Mouthguard Protection

Mouthguard protection is important for several reasons, especially for individuals who participate in contact sports. Your smile is an important part of who you are. Imagine how you would feel if you lost or permanently damaged some of your teeth? Since everything from smiling to talking and even eating can be affected when you lose […]

healthy snacks for your teeth

Smile Brighter with Healthy Snacks for Your Teeth

Healthy snacks for your teeth are a great source of nutrition and added oral hygiene. It’s no secret that frequently snacking on processed, sugary foods doesn’t help with your overall physical health. But, did you ever consider what it does to your oral health? When you eat something, naturally occurring bacteria in our mouths feed […]

oral hygiene smartphone apps

Oral Hygiene Smartphone Apps for Better Brushing

Oral hygiene smartphone apps are changing the oral health of patients everywhere! It’s no secret that smartphone technology is amazing. We’ve got the world at our fingertips and the IT industry is constantly finding new ways to make life easier. The introduction of oral hygiene smartphone apps is a huge plus for the dental and […]