5 Simple Ways To Make Brushing and Flossing For Kids Fun

5 Simple Ways To Make Brushing and Flossing For Kids Fun

The battle of brushing and flossing for kid’s teeth can be catastrophic for many parents or guardians. There are a few tricks of the trade that can eliminate this issue and will also bring about more smiles. We here at MySmileCt expresses to everyone that brushing can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Below are a few tricks to encourage the kids to twice a day routine of good oral hygiene.

Make It A Game

Kids are all about games. The more fun the activity is, the more engaged they will become and adapt it to future habits. Brushing can be the same way. Turn that selected time of oral care into a game that they will never forget. A few great examples of some games that you can start for positive dental health are the following:

  • Each time a commercial comes on during a show, race your child to the bathroom and brush for thirty seconds.
  • See how far they can shoot the dissolved toothpaste into the sink standing at a distance each time. Yes, you may have a little to clean up afterward, but it will allow the kids to have a blast.
  • You can play a favorite song while they brush and dance to it each time brushing time comes around. No matter what type of game you choose, the kids will look forward to the time they get to spend with you. In the long run, you will have stunning white teeth that you and be proud of and have good oral health.

Pick Out The Right Toothbrush

The toothbrush matters to kids. If it is boring or too hard for their teeth, they will look at brushing like it is a chore. Try picking out a toothbrush that has bright colors and may even play music.

Go to the store and let them make that decision to choose a toothbrush. They will want to use it more often because it’s something that they got to choose. Find the powered toothbrushes that will be fun for them to use. It entertains them as they are brushing each day.

You can also curve the floss to help ease flossing. Again, the more fun that the kids have, the more times they will want to race to the bathroom and brushed their teeth and gums. Forbes shares, “The children in the study were found to have poor tooth-brushing habits and low exposure to fluoride”

Show Them Pictures

Getting children to brush their teeth and floss, show them pictures of decayed and rotten teeth. This may seem a bit extreme for some parents; however, the reactions that you obtain when showing a child or an adult that has not consistently brushed and flossed their teeth embeds into the child’s subconsciousness.

Yes, it may seem like a fear tactic. However, the realism behind some of the pictures of decayed teeth or bad gum line can lead to unhealthy living routines.

By showing them the pictures will allow them to say that they don’t want that and all while preventing cavities. WebMD clarifies for brushing and flossing for kids, “Replace the toothbrush every 3 or 4 months, or sooner if it shows signs of wear. Never share a toothbrush with others.”

Let Them Choose The Flavors

Just like games, flavors have everything to do with encouraging children to want to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. This goes the same for toothpaste and floss while brushing your teeth. Go to the store let them pick the type of toothpaste and the string of floss that’s not too bitter.

The American Dental Association states, “The mouth is a gateway into your body’s overall health.” There are many kinds of toothpaste out there that have bright and colorful pictures. They’re specifically made for children to encourage brushing and flossing.

Get Involved And Have Fun

Over the years,  parents learn quickly that if they are involved, the children will want to do that specific activity more often. So as a parent or guardian, have a blast with your child during the brushing and flossing times each day. Race to the bathroom for bedtime, dance, or start flossing your child’s teeth, will make the children smile. Encouraging laughter and fun while doing a daily habit will promote healthy flossing and brushing. Brush their teeth twice a day and get an efficient oral hygiene routine started is best for your child. If you need more ideas check out our brushing and flossing guide or need to get your child’s teeth checked for dental care, make an appointment today