orthodontic space maintainers

Orthodontic Space Maintainers: Everything You Need to Know

Orthodontic space maintainers sound more complicated than they are. If your orthodontist says your child needs an orthodontic space maintainer, it is likely needed to support your child’s dental health. So, what are orthodontic space maintainers and how do they benefit orthodontic care? Let’s take a closer look! What Are Orthodontic Space Maintainers? Some children […]

holidays with orthodontics

Holidays with Orthodontics: Enjoy the Season Without Setting Back Your Treatment

Holidays with orthodontics can be difficult to navigate. You are most likely on-the-go with all those extra holiday activities you’ve signed up for, and you might not have the time to follow your normal oral hygiene routine. The holidays also come with lots of not-so-healthy treats that can cause problems for your orthodontic treatment. The […]