early orthodontic treatment benefits

Early Orthodontic Treatment Benefits for Your Child

Early orthodontic treatment benefits are numerous. Also know as interceptive orthodontic treatment, early orthodontics can help identify and treat issues before they become major oral problems. Orthodontic treatment can begin as early as age seven, even though the teeth and jaw are still developing and growing. At an early age, some issues may be easier to correct.

Early orthodontic treatment benefits include:

Better Treatment Options Early On

One of the main early orthodontic treatment benefits is that your orthodontist can identify issues that are easier to correct when your child is younger. Therefore, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends all children receive orthodontic screening by age seven. At this point, your child’s permanent teeth are coming in and the jaw is large enough to identify potential orthodontic issues. These issues can include: over-crowding, protruding teeth, cross-bites, etc. Treating these issues early on can help prevent more serious orthodontic issues in the future.

The Mouth is Still Developing

Another early orthodontic treatment benefit is that the teeth are still developing, and the jaw is still growing. Your orthodontist will check to make sure there is enough space for permanent teeth to come in. This is a great opportunity to remove permanent teeth to make more space or expand the dental arch. Your orthodontist can guide your teeth into the right positions as they fill in.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Benefits the Future

Since the jaw is still growing and the teeth are still developing, now is the perfect time to correct many issues before they become serious. You can reduce the need for more invasive dental treatment. Your orthodontist can make a prognosis for the development of the rest of your child’s teeth. Your child may even be able to avoid braces later in life, saving you both money and stress. If your child does need treatment, early orthodontics can help reduce the treatment time for the future.

Identify and Correct Habits

Another early orthodontic treatment benefit is that your orthodontist can detect and correct harmful habits. Habits such as thumb sucking, teeth grinding, and tongue pushing can lead to future tooth development issues. When these habits are detected early, they can be corrected before they become a major issue.

Enhance Self-Esteem

Children are becoming more and more self-aware at earlier ages. Their smile is often a cause of concern. Early orthodontic treatment can help improve your child’s appearance or fix problems that upset them. It can also offer peace of mind to parents. Having a clear plan of what to expect can help parents with peace of mind for the future.

The best way to know if your child will benefit from early orthodontic treatment is to schedule a screening for your child at or around the age of seven. Early orthodontic treatment benefits can help ensure your child has a healthy smile before more serious dental issues surface.