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8 Orthodontics Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Orthodontics facts may take you by surprise! While you might think the overall topic is boring, it’s pretty interesting how the industry has evolved since orthodontic treatment began. There’s no doubt that improving your smile through orthodontic treatment is serious business. But, there’s a fun side to it too! After all, we’re in the business of making you smile!

Let’s hop onto the fun side of the work we do with these orthodontics facts you might not have known!

Did You Know These Orthodontics Facts?

From the first braces in the 1700s to famous patients, here are some interesting orthodontics facts! Enjoy!

1.          NASA Wiring?

Believe it or not, the nickel-titanium in some braces wires was developed by NASA! Ever notice how orthodontic wires keep their shape? That’s because of the amazing work of that famous aeronautical company. The shape memory properties are activated by body heat and/or pressure. Amazing stuff, right?!

2.          Older Than the Oldest Person You Know!

Braces are old. Like…REALLY old! Want to take a guess as to what year the first braces were designed? Don’t ask your grandparents because they definitely weren’t around! 1728! As crazy as that may seem, the first braces were designed in 1728 and consisted of a flat piece of metal connected to the teeth by a thread. Now, we’re not sure how effective they were back then, but it was definitely a start. And to add to this fun orthodontics fact, the brackets were added in 1915 as the common orthodontic treatment advanced along its path to what it is today!

3.          Isn’t Cement Bad for Your Teeth?

The first time you heard your orthodontist would use cement to bond your braces to your teeth, you might have been taken back! How can cement be good for your teeth? The truth is that some types of cement used to attach brackets to your teeth include a fluoride-releasing substance. So, in this case, cement is actually good for your teeth!

4.          The Select Minority!

We’re not trying to show off or anything, but this is probably our favorite orthodontics fact! Did you know that 100% of orthodontists are dentists? But…only 6% of all dentists have advanced their expertise to become orthodontists!

5.          Don’t Let Your Parents Say, “I Told You So!”

This orthodontics fact might leave you sulking! Nearly 25% of orthodontic patients have to get braces again. Why?! Well, it’s not because of poor treatment. It’s because they didn’t wear their retainers like their orthodontist (and their parents) told them too! Don’t give your parents reasons to nag! Wear your retainer, please!

6.          You’re Never Too Old!

You’re never too old to have fun, right? Well, you’re never too old to wear braces either! In fact, millions of orthodontic patients are over the age of 18! Adult braces have become increasingly popular over the years. With the introduction of Invisalign and other methods of treatment, adults have decided that they want straight teeth too! To add to this orthodontics fun fact, here’s an oral hygiene tip! For adults considering braces, straightening your teeth at any age can improve your oral hygiene remarkably. So, it’s not just about the look, it’s about your health as well!

7.          Busting The Myth!

Sorry people, braces are not magnetic! Despite what you’ve been told, your braces won’t set off metal detectors. They don’t pick up radio transmissions. And, luckily, they don’t increase your odds of being hit by lightning.

8.          Making Braces Famous!

This final fact will probably be your favorite of our orthodontics facts! Think of your favorite celebrity. There’s a good chance they wore braces too! Famous orthodontic patients include Emma Watson, Tom Cruise, Katy Perry, Prince Harry, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrymore, Dakota Fanning, and many more! Check some of them out here!

We hope you enjoyed our orthodontics facts and got a chance to see the cool side of the industry. If you’ve got any interesting facts of your own, drop them in the comments below or get in touch with us on our Facebook or website to share what we’ve missed! We look forward to helping you continue your path to the smile you’ve always wanted.

Oh, one more thing! Thanks for being our awesome patients. We appreciate you! You make us love what we do!