canker sores and braces

Canker Sores and Braces: The Link and How to Handle This Common Condition

Canker sores and braces may definitely be linked. Canker sores are seldom serious, but they can drive you crazy. They appear as small, shallow ulcers in the mouth. Because they are frequently found inside our lips, canker sores and braces can be difficult to overcome. That’s because the hard, jagged parts of your braces can rub against the canker sores, making it difficult for them to heal.

The best way to handle canker sores and braces is to understand their triggers and try to avoid them. One of the main issues with canker sores is that braces is one of the triggers. The good news is that if you avoid all the other triggers, you may be able to navigate through your orthodontic treatment without dealing with too many canker sores.

Canker Sores and Braces Are Linked

Many patients experience canker sores when they get braces. Especially if they are already prone to canker sores, adjusting to a big change in your mouth can leave you at an increased risk of canker sores when you have braces. Another link between canker sores and braces is that braces are known to irritate oral tissue. This leaves your mouth vulnerable to lesions and infections.

Since one of the best ways to handle canker sores and braces is to avoid any other triggers, let’s take a look at the common triggers and how you can find relief for your irritated mouth.

4 Common Triggers to Avoid Canker Sores

The most common triggers patients report when it comes to canker sores are:

  1. Stress- Stress is known to weaken the immune system and make it easy for canker sores to form and irritate your mouth.
  2. Tissue Injury- If you already have cuts or scrapes inside your mouth, you will be more vulnerable to canker sores. Braces can be a cause of some of that tissue injury but so can things like biting your cheeks.
  3. Certain Foods- Foods that are high in acidities like strawberries, tomatoes, pineapples, and lemons can also trigger canker sores. Sour candies are also a major culprit.
  4. Sickness- If you are already fighting illness in your body, you may be more susceptible to canker sores.

Simple Remedies for Canker Sores

Now that you know what triggers canker sores, you can do your best to avoid them. Limit food that may cause a problem. Find ways to de-stress. If canker sores and braces are the reason you are suffering, talk to your orthodontist about using dental wax. You can also have trouble spots checked.

If you continue to have issues, try changing your oral health routine. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Try using a toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate. Rinse your mouth daily with salt and warm water.

If none of these efforts help, have your orthodontist inspect your braces to find areas that may need to be smoothed out. Although canker sores and braces are directly linked, you don’t need to continue to suffer through your entire orthodontic treatment.

We are here to make your daily life more comfortable, especially with braces. If canker sores and braces are any issues, contact your orthodontist to find ways to handle this common issue.