canker sores and braces

Canker Sores and Braces: The Link and How to Handle This Common Condition

Canker sores and braces may definitely be linked. Canker sores are seldom serious, but they can drive you crazy. They appear as small, shallow ulcers in the mouth. Because they are frequently found inside our lips, canker sores and braces can be difficult to overcome. That’s because the hard, jagged parts of your braces can […]

Sleep Habits and Orthodontics

Sleep Habits and Orthodontics: How Your Child’s Sleep May Be the Sign of a Problem

Sleep habits and orthodontics are actually related in more ways than one. We all know that sleep is an important part of our health. For children, sleep helps with brain function and the process of development. It is during the sleep cycle that kids’ growth actually occurs. But, did you know that your child’s poor […]