back to school braces

Back to School Braces Tips & Tricks

Summer is behind us and its time to get the kids back in their school routine. Summer is one of the most convenient and popular times to begin the process of straightening your child’s teeth with orthodontics. Now that they’ve got the hang of life with their new appliances, it’s important to talk about some back to school braces tips to make their transition easy.

Back to School Braces Tricks for a Trouble-Free School Year

The start of the school year should be an enjoyable time for the whole family. Your child is eager to learn and you’re eager to enjoy a less chaotic daily schedule. But following a routine with their braces is really important. Here’s some back to school braces tips and tricks to make for an enjoyable school year.

1.          Continue a Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine

There’s no doubt getting back in the habit of routine can be tricky, especially after a couple months of freedom. But sticking with a consistent oral hygiene routine is crucial for your child’s health and to straighten their teeth faster. As the schedule picks up, be sure your child stays on top of their oral hygiene. Keep a consistent routine. This will help avoid tooth decay and other dental problems in the future. It’s important to step up your oral hygiene routine when you have braces. That means brush your teeth after meals, keep travel toothbrushes close, and brush and floss twice a day.

2.          Stay on Top of Orthodontist Visits

When extracurricular activities and homework kicks in, be sure to stay on top of going to regularly schedule orthodontist visits. This is crucial to the success of your child’s treatment. Schedule the regular appointments your orthodontist suggests.

3.          Stay Away from Foods That Could Damage Your Braces

Your orthodontist will advise you on what foods to avoid with braces. Hard, sticky, and chewy foods can damage your wires and brackets. Stick to softer foods. Keep an eye on what your children are eating. If you have questions about foods, ask your orthodontic team. They’ll be happy to assist you in any way.

4.          Understand the Importance of Maintenance

When your child has completed their orthodontic treatment, it’s an exciting time. But don’t let the excitement and the busyness of school get you off track. Once your child reaches their goals, it’s important not to skip the retention stage. Be sure your child gets fitted for and wears their retainer. Since most kids take their retained out while eating, be sure they have a routine for what to do when they take their retainer out. A number of patients lose their retainers because they wrap them in a napkin and accidentally throw them away. Help your child get into a routine where they consistently wear their retainers but also put it in the right place when they aren’t wearing them.

Getting into a routine when your child goes back to school can be hard enough. These back to school braces tips will help you get the most of your child’s treatment and stay on track for a successful outcome. Wishing you all a happy and successful school year!