Prep Your Child for Braces

Top Tips to Prep Your Child for Braces

There are many ways you can prep your child for braces. Beginning orthodontic treatment requires a noticeable change to your child’s life.  Most children have a lot of questions when it comes time to get their braces put on. Will they hurt? How will my mouth feel? Can I still eat what I like? Will my friends have something to say?

Five Tips to Prep Your Child for Braces

When you prep your child for braces, you can eliminate the uneasiness that comes with the transition. Begin your journey to treatment with your child feeling calm and confident and you will feel great as a parent. Use these tips to ease the process.

Discuss the Process

Because there are many options available for orthodontic treatment, you can help your child by making sure they understand the treatment that has been chosen for them. Talk to their orthodontist about the best treatment option for your child, and allow them to be a part of the conversation. Help them understand why the chosen treatment will work best for them. Research what they can expect throughout the entire process. Come up with a list of questions they can ask the orthodontist. When you answer all their questions and uncertainties, it can eliminate a lot of the anxiety and worry that comes with the beginning of this journey.

Let Them Know What to Expect

Even with the best discussion before the process, it is normal for your child to feel nervous. You child is beginning a new journey of treatment. They will have a new doctor. They will be receiving treatment they have never experienced before. Explain the entire process of what they can expect. Start with how they will be fitted for braces. Move to how the braces will be placed onto their teeth and what they can expect throughout the course of their treatment. If there are parts of the journey you don’t have information about, talk to your child’s orthodontist for more information. When you prep your child for braces by explaining the process, you can eliminate a lot of the worry they have about the experience.

Prepare the Pantry

The beginning week with braces will be an adjustment. It may also be a bit uncomfortable for your child. Because of the pressure that is put on your child’s mouth when braces are originally placed, they can experience discomfort. This discomfort can become worse when they eat. Store soft foods in your house to prepare for the beginning of treatment. Rice, pasta, yogurt, ice cream, mashed potatoes, and plenty of liquid can help eliminate the need to chew and sooth their mouth. Grab some extra cold foods as well. These can help soothe your child’s mouth by numbing the area of discomfort.

Wax On

Brackets and wires can cause some irritation and sores in the mouth. Orthodontic wax is a great little tool to reduce the effects of this problem. By placing a small ball of rolled wax onto the brackets or wires that are causing discomfort, you can eliminate the problem. The wax forms a protective layer that keeps the brackets from rubbing against the inside of your child’s mouth. Give your child a stash of their own for when they are out with friends, at school, or playing sports. This quick, easy, cheap solution can be a life saver!

Focus on the Benefits

When it comes to braces, even the shortest treatment can seem like an eternity for your child. Many children become frustrated with the amount of time they need to wear their braces. Remind them of the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Keep their focus on the fact that this is a temporary treatment for a permanent, positive solution. Straight teeth, increased confidence, and better oral health are a great benefit to anyone seeking orthodontic treatment. Kids often need more positive reinforcement. Prep your child for braces by continuing to remind them of the result.

Don’t let orthodontic treatment be a difficult one for your children. When you prep your child for braces, you will make the process a lot easier for them. This in turn, will make the process easier for you as well. Talk to your orthodontic team about the different ways you can make the process easier for everyone.