smile power

Smile Power: Harnessing Its Effects

Smile power is a real “thing,” you know! Power is given to things that can impact and influence others in an intense way. A smile offered or accepted at the right time can change things immensely. That’s why smile power ranges from instilling hope, harnessing positivity, and finding happiness. There are so many meanings behind a smile. And smiling at someone can send all sorts of messages.

The Benefits of Smile Power

Have you stopped to think about how meaningful it can be to others when you smile at them? How about how meaningful it is to you when someone compliments your smile? The fact is that the power of a smile is absolutely amazing. When we smile, our brains initiate those feel vibes that make life more relaxed. Smiling or looking at someone else’s smile subconsciously puts us into a happier mood. And that makes life so much easier!

Smile power goes beyond our own self. It is amazing to think how you can transform the day of a complete stranger without even knowing it! Just like a yawn, smiles are contagious. Stop and think about it next time someone smiles at you. Is it easy to keep yourself from smiling back? It’s probably near impossible! So, smile power actually passes along happiness and hope to others as you go through life. And you never know, smiling at someone may be the one thing that changed the worst day of their life, and it’s free!

Harnessing the Power of Your Smile

Unfortunately, in today’s society, people are so focused on being perfect. Many people avoid smiling because they truly dislike the look of their smile. Even if they have a nice smile, they hide it because it isn’t “movie star perfect.” As orthodontists, we see so many patients come through our doors looking to improve their smile simply because they want to feel better about the way they look.

While we want you to love who you are regardless, an amazing advantage of working in the orthodontist industry is that we get to help our patients build the self-esteem they deserve. Smile power takes on all forms. From a toothless baby to an elderly person wearing false teeth, it’s not the look of the smile that matters it’s the fact that you smile at people! Here are some great ways to harness the power of your smile!

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to find better ways to harness your smile power, the answer is simple. Smile more! Practice makes perfect in every walk of life. And since life is too short to be anything but happy, you should smile more often and see the results it brings. When you make your smile a habit, you will foster all the great things that come from it.

Find the Connection

There is an amazing connection between our smile and our emotions. Bet you didn’t even realize that the connection goes both ways. It is obvious to us that being positive triggers us to smile. But, the opposite is true as well! Smile power goes both ways, and smiles trigger positive emotions. When we smile, we can deal with hard emotions like stress or pain much easier.

Remember, there is More to Beauty Than What Meets the Eye

There is so much pressure today to be perfect. The truth is that most people find others attractive for reasons deeper than what lies on the surface. Smiles can create and foster relationships. Studies show that many people find those who smile much more attractive than those who have the perfect look.

Practice Healthy Oral Hygiene

Now that you know all about smile power, it’s important to remember to practice good oral hygiene. One of the best and easiest ways to harness your smile is to keep it healthy. Brush and floss daily. Schedule regular checkups with your dentist. And talk to an orthodontist about ways you can improve your oral hygiene by improving your smile.

So, there you have it! Smile power is huge. When we smile at others, it can be a game changer! Make an effort to flash your smile more freely and openly. A smile can literally improve someone’s day and create great human connections throughout life! Smile often! You never know how it can turn your life around!