Pregnancy and Orthodontics

Pregnancy and Orthodontics

Pregnancy and orthodontics. Do the two categories go together? Many adult patients wonder if orthodontic treatment during pregnancy is safe. Orthodontic treatment takes time. While no one wants to put their life on hold for straight teeth, but what happens if your facing pregnancy and orthodontics at the same time? Let’s take a look!

Pregnancy and Orthodontics: Is It Safe?

Basic orthodontic treatment is completely safe to continue. If you have an established treatment plan and become pregnant, basic treatment will not put any stress on a developing fetus. As long as X-Rays and scans were completed before conception, braces or Invisalign can even be put on during pregnancy.

Another common question patients ask in regards to pregnancy and orthodontics involves medication. There are many types of medication that are unsafe for use during pregnancy. Having your orthodontic devices adjusted, or even put on, during pregnancy does not require any anesthesia or other medications. If your orthodontic treatment requires dental extraction, it is best to discuss your pregnancy with your orthodontics and your orthodontics with your OB/GYN before you proceed.

Can Pregnancy Affect the Straightening of My Teeth?

While most orthodontic devices are safe to wear while pregnant, there are some factors that can make orthodontic treatment more challenging for patients. Pregnancy hormones may cause your teeth to be looser than usual. This can lead to some changes in your orthodontic treatment plan. Because you always want to air on the side of caution for the sake of your little one, talk to your orthodontist about the challenges that may arise in your case with pregnancy and orthodontics.

In addition to how your teeth move, pregnancy hormones can affect how your body responds to plaque and oral bacteria. This can lead to swollen gums which may cause more discomfort than usually comes with orthodontic treatment. If your teeth and gums are experiencing more discomfort than usual, talk to your orthodontist about how your pregnancy may be affecting this.

What Are Ways Orthodontic Treatment Can Affect Pregnancy?

While pregnancy and orthodontics is generally safe, there are some ways that orthodontic treatment can affect your pregnancy. Orthodontic devices may impact women who suffer from morning sickness. Because women who suffer morning sickness have to be careful about what and when they eat, and may have trouble eating, eating comfortably can be even more difficult with orthodontic treatment.

During pregnancy, it is particularly important to practice proper oral hygiene and get regular cleanings. It is not only good for the health of your baby, it can help women with morning sickness avoid the erosion, etching, and tooth decay that can result from the stomach acids released in vomit.

Although most pregnant women who undergo orthodontic treatment don’t experience any problems at all, the best time to begin treatment is before conception. This will help you avoid any unwanted discomfort at a time when you may already be sensitive. If orthodontic treatment is necessary, some women have an easier time when waiting until the second trimester to avoid morning sickness symptoms.

Remember, if you have already started orthodontic treatment and become pregnant, don’t panic! It is perfectly safe to mix pregnancy and orthodontics. Let your orthodontist know that you are pregnant and they can adjust your course of treatment so it properly fits you and your pregnancy.

Pregnancy and orthodontics are both times in your life that should be enjoyable. So, keep an open line of communication with your orthodontist to make sure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible. And just think how exciting it will be to welcome that new baby with your new beautiful smile!