perfect teeth obsession

Perfect Teeth Obsession and America

The perfect teeth obsession is an American stereotype. While stereotypes aren’t exactly the nicest way to characterize a group of people, it is no secret that Americans are obsessed with their teeth. If all the celebrity hype over the whitest and brightest smiles isn’t enough to prove, look at all the whitening systems available on the market. Many Americans are willing to sacrifice things like coffee, wine, dessert, or other foods that can stain their teeth. So, what’s behind the perfect teeth obsession in America?

The Self Esteem Factor

Despite the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” first impressions are huge. Unfortunately, the way people’s teeth look weighs a lot on how they feel about themselves. The perfect teeth obsession partially boils down to the big difference a first impression makes. Studies show that two candidates, interviewing for the same job, that are equally qualified can receive different outcomes based on their looks. Employers are more likely to choose the candidate with the bright, white, straight smile over the candidate with crooked and discolored teeth. Even if the candidate with crooked and discolored teeth has more to offer. The perfect teeth obsession has become so strong that people have also admitted to turning down a date based on the appearance of one’s teeth.

The Marketing Factor

With the availability of whitening products on the market, and new products constantly surfacing, the perfect teeth obsession is due, in part, to the availability of whitening products. At every turn there’s a new whitening commercial, a new promotion, or a new billboard displaying the latest and greatest products on the market. Not only are these products available, they are convenient. As the tooth whitening industry continues to expand, at-home whitening strips and laser treatments make it easy to get that bright smile you have always wanted. Just one more reason American’s have succumbed to the perfect teeth obsession.

The Perfect Teeth Obsession Promotes Better Health

Studies show that crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth can lead to oral and physical health problems. Crowded teeth make oral hygiene difficult. Besides wanting a perfect smile for cosmetic reasons, orthodontic treatment has positive health effects as well. And with more and more Americans aimed at getting healthier, this further promotes the perfect teeth obsession. Orthodontic treatment can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, jaw problems, and loss of tooth enamel.

There’s no doubt America is obsessed with making the best first impression. The perfect teeth obsession is certainly part of that. The number of products and options available in today’s market make getting your perfect, whitest smile achievable. Just head over to the store for some over-the-counter whitening products and call your local orthodontist for a treatment to fit your needs.