Caring for Your Braces

Caring for Your Braces During the Holidays

Caring for your braces during the holidays can be a difficult task. Not only are the holidays busy, they are filled with wonderful holiday traditions you look forward to all year. Eating out, holiday parties, and special get-togethers make it difficult to follow your regular routine. While flossing, brushing, and taking care of your teeth is important for everyone, it is especially important in caring for your braces. Here are some great tips to take care of your braces during the busy holiday season and get the healthiest, strongest smile you’ve worked hard for during your orthodontic treatment.

Watch What You Eat

Food is one of the biggest culprits when it comes broken brackets and snapped wires. Most orthodontists will give you a list of foods to avoid to prevent damage to your brackets and wires. Some of these foods might be obvious, like popcorn, gum, and caramel candies. In general, you should try to avoid foods that are hard, sticky, or chewy. Anything that can stick to your appliances or damage them while chewing you should try to avoid.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Once you undergo orthodontic treatment, it is even more important to take care of your teeth. If you don’t follow proper oral hygiene practices, you can notice serious issues with your teeth when your braces are removed. It is easy to skip brushing and flossing with the busy holiday season. Take extra steps to be sure you are keeping your mouth clean. Travel toothbrushes and easy to use floss threaders can be a great option to carry with you during the holidays.

Make it a routine to excuse yourself after meals and discretely go to the restroom to brush and floss. If you do not have the option for caring for your braces, swish your mouth with water after meals to remove any excess food debris. Since holiday foods can be rich and full of sugar, use a fluoride mouthwash at the end of the day and follow your proper brushing and flossing routine before bed.

The holidays are meant to be an enjoyable time. Follow proper oral hygiene efforts so you can enjoy the holidays without any orthodontic emergencies. Talk to your orthodontist about ways you can improve your oral health routine during the holiday season.