What’s All the Fuss about a Perfect Smile?

Over the years, orthodontic offices have grown increasingly busy as more and more patients seek services with the vision of a perfect smile in their mind. While many people will credit this increase in business to society’s growing focus on beauty and perfection, perfecting your smile can scientifically have a positive effect on your health. Here’s how:

  • Loving your smile can boost confidence. For those that don’t love their smile, the self-conscious effect this has on their mind can cause them to refrain from smiling all together. Being comfortable in the way you look can be an effective mood booster. Since smiling stimulates the brain’s reward mechanisms, feeling comfortable with your smile is proven to have positive effects on your brain. Overall, those who are comfortable in their skin tend to be happier people. The more we smile at each other, the more likely we are to get those around us to smile. Having confidence in the way we look opens a whole new world of possibilities when our attitudes are affected in a positive way.
  • The therapeutic effects of smiling can help your physical health. Doctors have conducted studies to prove that smiling has a therapeutic effect on our mind. This mental effect can flow over into our physical health as well. Being happy can reduce stress hormone levels and lower blood pressure, reducing the strain of life’s stresses on our physical self.
  • Smiling can help us in the work force. While the lack of happiness at work slows our work process and cuts productivity in half, being positive in the work force can be a great help to employees. Studies have shown that those who enter job interviews with a smile on their face set themselves ahead of the pack. Since smiling is a sign of friendliness, being happy during a job interview gives a visual cue to the interviewer that tells them that the perspective employee is safe. If one is qualified, a happy candidate moves ahead by appearing to work well with others. The happy candidate also creates a genuine energy that brings a sense of comfort to those around them. When an employer is confident they have found a qualified candidate, creating a feeling of being a “people person” will set that candidate apart in a crowd.
  • Loving your smile will help your love life. Smiling causes a physical attraction between people. When someone smiles at another person, hormones are released in the brain that cause an attraction between those two people. In many relationships, the attraction between two people can start with a smile. Being confident in one’s smile can lead to lifelong relationships.

While some of us might be worried about our smile because of the everyday competitiveness of the world we live in, perfecting that smile can, in fact, lead to many positive effects in our life. Be clear with your orthodontist about the vision you have of your perfect smile. Having a doctor who puts their patients first is the best way to achieve the results you desire.