what is MARA appliance

What You Need to Know About the MARA Appliance

An overbite is often a painless oral problem. Also known as a malocclusion or overjet, it is when your upper jaw isn’t properly aligned with your lower jaw, causing your upper teeth to cover the lower teeth once you close your mouth. This is commonly a hereditary trait, but inappropriate chewing or trauma can also cause it.

One of the best ways to fix this is through the use of a Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance (MARA). The MARA is a dental appliance made by the Allesee Orthodontics Laboratory that aims to fix an overbite by shifting your tooth. It is attached to your teeth and helps your lower jaw to move forward, forcing your front teeth to be in line with each other. It also makes you use your jaw in its proper position, subsequently making your jaw used to that position and making it stay there.

Your lower front teeth are tipped forward while the upper teeth are held back, making it not easy to spot the difference in jaw size. It’s the easiest to get used to and does not feel obstructive to your normal day.

Putting on the Mara Appliance

About a week before you get the MARA appliance, spacers are usually placed around your first molars to make some room for the crowns. At the time you get the MARA, the spacers are removed, and then the first molars will be cleaned with a Pumice (cleans teeth more deeply than any tooth-cleaning product) to make sure all of the plaque is removed from the teeth. The MARA appliance is custom-made to fit inside your mouth and is cemented to the teeth using a special fluoride-releasing cement. The cement will taste a little bitter if you happen to taste it. A piece of cotton will then be placed for you to bite down for about a few minutes while the cement is setting up. After the cement has set, any excess will be cleaned, and your Mara appliance is ready to go.

MARA Appliance Application

How Does It Feel After It Is Applied?

Having the Mara appliance all set up, the mouth forces you to bring your lower jaw forward. Some people initially find this quite difficult to do but would eventually get used to the feeling in just a few hours. It may take a week before you can adjust and you won’t have to think about closing it into a forward position consciously.

Some gauze squares can be placed between your cheek and the MARA for the first few nights until your cheeks get completely used to it. You may also have this tendency to bite your cheek until you learn to avoid it. While you adapt to the MARA appliance, the elbows or arms on each side may irritate the inside of your cheeks as the tissue adapts to the presence of the MARA appliance. It may appear that your cheeks are somewhat puffy, but this occurrence will go away after a few weeks.

Normally, your side teeth will not fully meet with your lower law when it’s in a forward position. Depending on how deep your overbite is, an orthodontist might suggest going with braces first before the MARA to correct your overbite. However, if your side teeth don’t fully touch when the MARA appliance is put in, they will gradually come together and adjust within a couple of weeks. Chewing may also be difficult. Patients will normally chew again in approximately one week after the MARA appliance has been set up. Until then, you may want to consider eating soft foods and smaller pieces during the adjustment period. Any tenderness of the teeth that you experience should pass within a few days.

While the initial adjustment period may be uncomfortable, please bear in mind that we have chosen the Mara appliance for you as we feel it is the most efficient and effective way to correct your orthodontic problem while achieving that facial balance.

Improve Your Smile with the MARA Appliance

My Smile Orthodontics believes that a healthy smile starts with a properly aligned jaw. We offer the MARA appliance as an option for best jaw results for particular patients. The MARA appliance, along with many other services that we offer, makes it easier and more comfortable for all our patients to get that healthy, beautiful smile they deserve.

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