What You Need To Know About Gum Lifts

Do you feel a little uncomfortable when you smile? If you have visited a dentist regarding the issue, you have been mostly likely offered a number of solutions that can help correct the problem. It is essential to have healthy gums because it goes a long way to help you achieve a healthy and bright smile. There are a number of dental procedures that help restore beautiful smiles such as teeth cleaning, invisalign treatment, gum lifts and so forth. In particular, gum lifts are a type of dental procedures that aims at fixing gum issues to give you a great smile.

What are gum lifts and what can they do?

The aim of gum lifts, as a dental procedure, is to create a better shape for the gums so you can have a great smile. The procedure is also referred to as gingivectomy and can be performed by a dentist. There are people who have gums that did not recede after the appearance of permanent teeth. There is also another group of people whose lips expose a lot of gums when they smile. In certain instances, the gums may regress leading to more tooth exposure than desired. All these dental cases essentially lead to gummy smiles.

There is no doubt that gummy smiles make most people feel uncomfortable. The good news is that you can fix the issue of gummy smile by having gum lifts. Gum lifts is akin to face lifts, which basically fixes issues of sagging eyelids, wrinkles and other facial problems. With gum lifts, the focal point is your gums. The cosmetic procedure is performed in the front teeth because it is the part of the mouth that is mostly seen when you smile.

How do gum lifts work?

There is no denying that the procedure was actually painful back then because it entailed actual cutting of the gums, which was followed by stitching and a number of weeks for recovery. However, technological advancement has made things much easier and the procedure is now less painful. With laser treatment, the recovery period is significantly less. All you need once you have undergone treatment is a pain killer for a couple of days and everything will be fine. Better yet, you will be able to eat and drink as usual just within 24 hours.

Understanding the dental procedure

First, a dentist is going to give you anesthesia at the place that is intended for cutting and reshaping. Once they have administered the anesthesia, they will work on your gums by cutting and reshaping the gum line to give it a great visual appearance. Since laser is actually being used, there will be little or no blood at all during the procedure. This is because lasers seal off the blood vessels in your gums. The procedure usually takes a shorter time and your gums can either be raised or lowered based on your needs.

It is essential to have a healthy smile as it gives you confidence when relating with other people. As such, it is also recommendable to consider having gum lifts if you are receiving other cosmetic dental treatment. Once the procedure has been completed, ensure you follow all the instructions given by the dentist for fast recovery.