beautiful smile of a girl

Top Ways to Whiten Your Smile

Take a look at the biggest celebrities on the planet – like Tom Cruise, Brad Pit, Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie… What do they all have in common?

(Well, other than the money, good looks and fame?)

The answer is their teeth. Nearly every big celebrity has gloriously straight, white teeth and that is not just a coincidence! Rather, celebrities have white teeth because they know it helps them to land roles, gain fans and enjoy the most success possible. Either their white teeth helped them reach their fame, or they straightened and whitened their teeth after they got famous in order to secure their position in the industry.

The teeth are something that we associate with health, wealth and status. And seeing as the mouth is what we talk to people with and the way we emote – it’s very important for our charisma that we have a charming smile filled with bright white gnashers.

How to Whiten Your Teeth

While you might not decide to have procedures like veneers or crowns to give your teeth that perfect ‘Hollywood’ look, something that we can all do very easily to get closer to that look is just to whiten them.

And the good news is that there are lots of ways to whiten teeth. The most effective and most obvious of course is simply to visit a cosmetic dentist to get them whitened professionally. This will be a quick and non-invasive process to very easily give you an amazing smile.

A slightly less noticeable difference can also be achieved by visiting your hygienist for a general clean. They will help to remove stains and generally clean your teeth to give you that general whitening!

Top Tips to Whiten Your Smile

But there are also a number of other strategies you can use to get whiter teeth yourself. They include…

Eat Fiber

When you eat fiber, it provides roughage against the teeth in a similar way to the bristles on a toothbrush! This can be very effective for helping strengthen and whiten.

Drink Water

Drinking water in itself can be enough to give your teeth a wash but it also helps you to produce more saliva, thereby further washing your teeth.

Get the Right Nutrition

Your teeth are made from what’s in your diet. That means that getting more calcium and more vitamin D can help to strengthen and whiten them – just like it can strengthen your bones. Eating the right diet will help to lead to visibly more attractive teeth!

Consider Your Complexion

Getting some sun will help your bone and teeth health thanks to vitamin D. But further, tanning your skin makes your teeth look comparatively whiter and thereby gives them more of a sparkle.

Women can also take this trick one step further by wearing a bold red lipstick, which also helps to draw more attention to the teeth!

Avoid Staining Foods

Things like tea and coffee really don’t help your plight when it comes to whiter teeth as they are staining. Avoid them!