Tips and Tricks of Dealing with Pain from Braces

We know that going to the orthodontist to adjust your braces can be a pain, literally, but, in this case, pain is necessary to achieve the final product you are looking for. Although some children dread having to have their braces tightened because they become fully aware of the pain that will follow, here are some tips and tricks you can follow to make the adjustment less painful and more tolerable for your child.

  • Over-the-counter pain medications. If you know your child is going to have their braces tightened, try to give them an over-the-counter pain medication an hour before their appointment. Being proactive can reduce the effects of inflammation and pain on their mouth and make the process easier for them throughout the day.
  • Stock up on the topical stuff. Keeping products like Orajel on hand is a great way to provide your child with instant pain relief. Numbing the pain can be the best way to help your child.
  • Ice, Ice Baby! Bring on the cold stuff! Have ice packs ready to apply cold pressure to the outside of their mouth. This reduces inflammation and pain. Provide your child with plenty of cold water. This will give them a numbing sensation and decrease inflammation in their gums. Even having things like cold ice pops on hand can help reduce the pain.
  • Stick to the soft foods. Spend the first few days after braces are adjusted giving your child soft foods that don’t require too much chewing or use of their teeth.
  • Salt and Warm Water. A simple mix of salt and warm water can help to heal sores or cuts that the braces can cause to your child’s cheeks and gums.
  • Massage Therapy. No you don’t need to hire a masseuse, but having your child gently rub their gums can help to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and ease pain.
  • Take advantage of your resources. Orthodontists will provide your child with special wax that can be used to cover sharp edges or pieces of their appliances that may run against the inside of their mouth, causing discomfort. Make sure you child uses this, especially if a piece of their braces break along the way. Cover the sharp edges with a piece of wax and call your orthodontist immediately to schedule an appointment to have it fixed. Additionally, if your child has hooks that require rubber bands, make sure they are using them to keep the hooks from getting caught on their cheeks.
  • Be Patient! Remind your child that the pain is temporary. In a few days, the pain will subside and they will be one step closer to having their smile perfected.

Making the process of adjusting braces less painful for your child is a great way to keep them more excited about the final results and less anxious about seeing the orthodontist. If your child is still experiencing pain after taking advantage of these tips and tricks, make sure to consult with your orthodontist. Our goal at MySmileCT is to not only transform our patient’s smile, but to make the process comfortable and easy.