The Top Ways to Improve Your Camera Smile

In today’s world of social media, everyone wants to have a perfect camera smile. We’re in more pictures than we ever have been before and many people will now judge us on those pictures long before they’ve even met us. Heading to a party? Many of the attendees will already have checked out your Facebook profile and judged you on your looks. Applying for a job? These days it’s fairly common practice to attach a photo with your CV! There’s just no getting around the fact that your picture is everywhere these days.

And that makes life very hard if you don’t have a smile that you’re proud of. Read on then and we’ll look at some things you can do to improve your camera smile and ensure it looks its very best.


One thing you can do to make sure your smile is up to the job is simply to practice it in the mirror. Give yourself a little time to just rehearse smiling on cue in front of the mirror and try to work out what looks good and what doesn’t. Often we smile a little too ‘big’ which can cause a lot of dimples, wrinkles and crow’s feet. So try smiling more gently and let it reach your eyes.

Also try practicing with an actual camera. And bear in mind that the position of the camera in relation to you makes a big difference too. Normally photos taken slightly from above are more flattering because they show off less chin!

Work Out Your Good Side

It’s true! You really do have a good side and that’s the side you should try to present to the camera in photos. Here’s a fun titbit: did you know that your good side is very often your dominant side? The reason is that you have slightly more control over your muscles, helping you to have a more charismatic-looking smile.


There are a few grooming tips that can help you improve your camera smile. One is to try fake tan of some sort which will help your face to look a little darker and thus make your teeth look comparatively whiter. Think as well about the clothes you’re wearing and how they make your teeth stand out. Guys should also think about their facial hair, while women can sometimes benefit from the right shade of lipstick. Too dark and your teeth can look blue but the right red can make them dazzling!

Oral Health and Whitening

Finally, make sure that you actually take care of your teeth. If you have crooked or overcrowded teeth, then speak with your dentist about having veneers or using braces. Likewise, if your teeth are looking dark or stained then go to a hygienist for a clean. Better yet: try getting your teeth professionally whitened which can make a huge difference.

Cosmetic dentists are definitely your best bet when it comes to having a stunning and eye-catching smile so consult with yours and see what they can do for you!