The Things Your Teeth Go Through in a Typical Day

You think your average day is hard going for you? Sure, working 8 hours a day with an hour long commute on either end isn’t anyone’s idea of fun… But when you compare that to the day your teeth have had – well then it’s much harder to complain!

Taking care of your teeth is incredibly important. Your teeth are integral for your overall health and also play a key role in helping you to look young and attractive. And when you think about just how much hardship they endure in a typical day, it becomes even more apparent that they need a little extra help to stay looking their best.

Here are just some of the things your teeth will go through during an average 24 hours…


Your teeth wake up at the same time you do – 6am. At this point you’ve been sleeping (hopefully) 8 hours, during which time you’d have become somewhat dehydrated. This means your teeth won’t have had the usual amount of saliva they normally get to kill off bacteria, which is why you often wake up smelling pretty pungent…

From there, you go on to drink a strong coffee which stains your teeth leaving dark marks in between them and then you eat a bowl of highly sugary cereal – giving the plaque in your mouth more fuel to continue attacking your enamel and your gums.

You then brush your teeth – rubbing that sugar into your teeth and possibly damaging your gums – before holding your keys in your mouth, scratching your teeth and picking up all kinds of bacteria along the way!


For the rest of the afternoon you’ll have sipped more staining tea and or coffee, before going out for a lunch that’s equally high in sugar. Some of us will also have gone out for regular cigarette breaks, leading to more staining for the teeth as well as more deterioration for the gums. They’ll start receding even faster this way, revealing the sensitive roots underneath!

Even if you think you’re being healthy by giving yourself a smoothie – that couldn’t be more packed in sugar. Oops!


Come bed time you drink more hot beverages and you eat more sugary snacks. Ready meals are some of the worst – filling your mouth with tons of added sugar.

Most of us go through life somewhat dehydrated. This means that during all this, you won’t have had the opportunity to clean your mouth with saliva and kill off all that bacteria. This is another point at which your breath might start to stink – and especially if you’ve been smoking. Many of us will also drink wine or beer, which is even worse for the teeth.

Or maybe you’re a healthy type and you engage in sports – probably creating a fairly high risk of being smacked in the teeth one way or another!

What’s the point of all this? Do you need to change your lifestyle?

No. The point is just that you need to think about your teeth and your oral health. And you need to take steps to fortify your teeth against all that damage and help them recover.