Let’s Talk Time

Some of the most frequently asked questions that arises in the world of orthodontics center around one word: time. How long will I have to wear my braces? How long before I start to see a change in my smile? How long will my appointment be? What is the difference in time between regular braces and Invisalign? Since time management is an important part of our busy lives, here is a look at time as it pertains to your orthodontic treatment.

When will treatment begin?

One part of assessing how long it will take to perfect your smile is coming up with an appropriate time to start your treatment. Your child’s pediatric dentist will be the best option for determining when your child is ready for orthodontic treatment. If you are seeking treatment as an adult, coming to a decision and jumping into your new journey is the best option to make the most of your time. While most children have their teeth evaluated by the age of seven, treatment is specific to every child’s individual needs. Therefore, no patient is guaranteed to be the same.

How long will appointments take?

Keep in mind that your commitment to regular appointments should also be considered when considering time management. Initially, your consultation appointment and the appointments scheduled to install your braces will be longer. You can expect these to last anywhere near an hour. Depending on what appliances are needed, some patients require as many as three appointments to have their braces properly installed. Your checkups are generally scheduled every four to six weeks and can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half hour. You may also need to make time for the occasional emergency appointment if you experience an issue with your braces as you go along. In any case, be sure to give yourself efficient time so your orthodontist can guarantee the best results in your orthodontic treatment.

How long before I see a change?

In general, most patients see a noticeable change in their smile within four to six weeks. This does not mean you will have the perfect smile in that time. But you will start to notice a gradual change as the braces do their job of positioning your teeth where your orthodontist is looking for them to go. Following a regular schedule and being sure not to miss any important appointments can lead you to noticing changes sooner.

How long will I wear my braces?

In general, braces need to be worn anywhere from eighteen months to two years. The length of treatment depends mostly on the individual. While some treatments are more complicated, others are a simple fix. The exact time it will take to perfect your smile varies from person to person. Talk to your orthodontic about how long they expect you to wear your braces.

Is there a big difference between braces and Invisalign when it comes to length of treatment?

The average length of treatment using Invisalign is twelve months. While braces can require anywhere from eighteen months to two years for completion of treatment, Invisalign treatment is one way to reduce the time needed to get your perfect smile.

Time is of the essence! With the busy lifestyle of most human beings, we need to assess how long things will take before we commit. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, we often don’t have a choice, especially when it comes to our children. But knowing what to expect is a great way to start your journey fully prepared for what lies ahead.