How Straightening Your Teeth Can Affect Your Overall Health

Loving your smile is a great confidence booster, but many people don’t realize that straightening your teeth can improve your overall health. Crowded and crooked teeth can have a negative effect on dental health, physical health, and emotional health, and here’s why!

Decreased Oral Health

Dealing with crowded or too widely spaced teeth can result in swollen, red gums, but so can periodontal disease. Adjusting your teeth helps gums fit securely around your teeth which is a strong defense against gum disease. Since tooth decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria, there are many aspects of your oral health that can be affected by your crooked smile.

  • Mouth sores
  • Tender, bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth wear
  • Increase of injuries to your teeth

Because crooked teeth can leave areas of limited access for you to brush and floss, the likelihood of developing tooth decay and gum disease is much higher when faced with problems that require orthodontic treatment. In addition, jaw problems and chewing difficulties can arise, as well as speech issues.

Physical Health

In addition to affecting your dental health, there are several physical problems that can be attributed to your teeth. Because tooth decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria, and those with crooked teeth are more likely to be affected by these, oral health is particularly important to avoid major health issues in life. Heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, and diabetes have all been linked to improper dental health. Plus, those who take care of their teeth are more likely to take care of their entire body.

Emotional Health

Besides oral and physical health, having imperfections in your smile can take a significant toll on your overall emotional health. Loving the way you look adds to your confidence. Because children are often subjected to bullying by peers, having imperfections with their teeth can lead to additional problems in school and with friends. Eliminate to risk of falling into depression over your crooked smile by consulting with an orthodontist in regards to what treatment will help you.

Don’t let your imperfect smile affect other aspects of your life. Talk to your dentist about finding an orthodontist who can help improve your health, confidence, and your life.