Foods That Tend To Get Stuck In Your Braces

It is highly important that you make conscious food choices when you just gotten braces or had them tightened recently. Why? For starters, small food bits and particles can get caught in the elastic parts and wires of your braces. What’s more, sticky and hard foods can also damage your braces down the line. Why waste your investment? Want to know which foods tend to get stuck in braces? Read on to find out more.


When it comes to snacks, isn’t pretzels well-loved by many people? Upon hearing this, you may think that the pretzels themselves are the main culprit. The delicious flavor enhancers such as the salt crystals are the ones you will have a hard time finding and picking out of your teeth.


It is true that broccoli reaches a softened state when cooked. Keep in mind that the broccoli florets can easily get stuck in the bands, brackets and wires of your braces. This food is something you won’t want to eat in excess, unless you want to ‘collect’ them and make your teeth look like an astroturf.

Sugar candies

Sugar candies tend to lodge themselves between the brackets of your braces, however not all of them are prohibited for people who are wearing braces. Be really careful when you consume candies as they may pose a risk to your dental health. They can lodge in a hidden spot and lead to tooth decay if untreated.


Sometimes you may feel the urge to chew gum while you are having braces. Fight that urge with all your might. The experience of spending hours picking gum out of your rubber bands is certainly unpleasant.


Movie time! Before you start making popcorn, you should note that they are on the “no-no” list for any individual with braces. You might already know that kernels tend to get stuck in teeth even without braces. Just imagine how unbearable it would be if pieces of them get wedged between your teeth or an hard-to-reach braces crevasse.


Did you think that bread will “go easy on you” while you are wearing braces? In fact, you will find that eating hard, crusty bread entails a painful experience. Yes, in most cases, it will be very painful to bite down into bread if you are wearing a wire metal in your mouth. If you really want to eat bread, opt for soft, doughy bread instead. You should avoid bread that is too soft as its gooey insides tend to wrap around your brackets fairing quickly.


Seeds are another type of food that does not go really well with braces because they can easily become lodged between teeth. Once they get stuck, it can be pretty difficult to get them out, especially if they are small enough. These seeds are not limited to just pumpkin or sunflower seeds. We are also referring to seeds that are found on everything from strawberries to bagels.

Whichever type of food you choose to eat, it’s highly recommended that you keep your braces clean by drinking water to wash away the food stuck in your brackets and wires. In addition, gargling water is also a good habit to pick up after eating because that helps remove debris more efficiently.