Finding Your Flossing Fix

While some people have argued the effectiveness of flossing and whether or not it is essential for your dental health, the American Dental Association strongly recommends flossing daily. Flossing can help prevent a great deal of problems when it comes to your pearly whites. While most of us find flossing to be a breeze, it can be a difficult chore for people who wear braces. So what can you do to make flossing an easy part of your daily dental routine?


Morning, Noon, or Night

Many patients ask when is the best time to floss? Ultimately, the answer is that as long as you do it, it doesn’t matter when! Some patients floss before they brush their teeth, while some floss after. Some patients floss in the morning while some floss at night. And those of you who make your dental hygiene a top priority may even floss after every meal!  No matter when and where you floss, the reason you do it and the importance of this daily task remains the same. Flossing removes plaque that is not removed by brushing. This plaque can harden into calculus or tarter. Making flossing part of your daily routine can prevent gum disease and even help you from getting cavities. So what do orthodontists suggest when it comes to finding a system for making flossing easier when you have braces?


Water Power

Many dental patients with braces find using a Water Flosser can make the task of flossing much easier. Water flossing is a way to clean between and around the teeth. Water Flossers are hand held devices that spray streams of water in steady pulses. When you aim the device at your teeth, the bursts of water actually remove any food that may be stuck in them from eating throughout the day. Since flossing is crucial to your dental health, using a water flosser can help make flossing with braces easy, painless, and thorough.


Proceed with Caution

As with anything having to do with your health, make sure you are flossing the right way to avoid any potential damage. Flossing too hard can cause you to injure your gums while flossing too soft can keep you from getting all the food from between your teeth. Those who floss regularly eventually find their groove and get into a routine that works right for them individually.


No matter what your flossing fix may be, making sure you floss daily is what really matters. If you are having trouble purchasing what you need to floss properly, look out for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance on any of your dental products. Since the dentist can’t go shopping with you, the ADA Seal of Acceptance is their way of helping you pick the right product every time.