Digital X-Rays Are Better For The Earth, AND Better For You

DENTAL X-RAYS ARE AN important part of your oral health care. Among other things, they allow us to detect cavities and decay before they become bigger problems.

However, old-fashioned, analog x-rays are not ideal for our patients, our dental office, OR our environment.

The Hazards of Traditional X-Rays

The development of old film x-rays required hazardous materials. For example:

  • Silver: X-ray fixer has enough silver to warrant a “hazardous waste” label, and can’t legally be dumped into the water system.
  • Lead: Lead is a dangerous neurotoxin. Discarded, it sits in the topsoil for years, is absorbed into plants, and enters our food system.
  • Other Dangerous Chemicals: These include Ammonium Thiocyanate and Anhydride, both major irritants to eyes, nose, and respiration.

That’s Why We Use Digital X-Rays

First, digital x-rays eliminate the need for those harmful materials. But beyond that, digital x-rays are safer and more convenient for YOU!

  • Digital x-rays cause 70-90% less radiation exposure than traditional x-rays.
  • We get images with higher resolution, which we can zoom in on, enhance, and duplicate.
  • Digital images are instantly available—no need for development. We can just pop them up on the screen right away to discuss them with you, which saves you time.

Our Office Has The Newest Equipment, Including Digital X-Rays

All our office equipment is brand new. When we opened last year, we chose the instrumentarium digital radio graphic machine. Instrumentarium has been around for over 50 years and is the company that invented the original panoramic radiograph system. Our machine is considered by many in the industry to be the gold standard for panoramic image quality. While panoramic dosimetry varies dramatically from machine to machine, studies have shown a reduction of as high as 50% from the same unit between film and digital. Our panoramic system, the OC200 also has unique features that are designed to minimize dose. These include but are not limited to Automatic Dose Control (ADC) which automatically adjusts exposure settings based on the patient’s bone density, a pedo specific projection which reduces the height of the imaging area and results in approximately a 32% exposure reduction for pediatric patients, and adjustable cephalometric fields o f view that can reduce both the height and width of the imaging area to reduce dose.

Digital X-Rays Are The Best Option For Our Patients

Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation to the patient. In addition to the reduction in radiation, other benefits include patient comfort, consistency in image quality, advanced projections for patients with malocclusions and software enhancements.

Our Practice Is All About Looking To The Future

By using the best technology, we’re also giving you the best care WITHOUT making the environment pay the price. We’re working toward becoming a very eco-friendly practice.

And if you have any questions about our digital x-rays, please ask! We’re happy to talk about the steps we’re taking in our office to go green.