Dental braces

Common Types Of Braces You Should Know

While it may be a little scary to hear from your cosmetic dentist that you need braces, you should put that recommendation off as they are worth the results they provide. What’s more, adults and children with mild teeth crowding issues or more severe occlusion can benefit from braces. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Let’s check out the most common types of braces that are available today.

Ceramic braces

Clear ceramic braces have a great following as they are made from transparent ceramic alloys. They are often worn by adults who want to correct dental problems, like buckteeth, without being too obvious. These braces are also worn by adults who suffer from severe crowding issues and Invisalign is not a viable option for them. As you already know by now, the great thing about ceramic braces is their cosmetic and aesthetic appeal. They do not stain but the clear elastic ties or wires holding the brackets to your teeth will.

If you tend to drink loads of coffee, eat a lot if curry or smoke, those components can become stained easily. When that happens, you will have to change them every time you adjust your braces, which is typically on a monthly basis. If you noticed, the ceramic material is used in dinnerware and it resembles glass in terms of brittleness and hardness. Hence, they are less absorbent or resilient to shock-related abuse than traditional braces and that’s why you need to be extra careful when you wear them.


Invisalign are clear aligners that have also garnered a huge following in recent years. Yes! It is getting more and more popular with the adult population. Adults who should have gotten braces when they were a kid, and didn’t, can now straighten their teeth with Invisalign (provided that their dental problems are not severe).

Also, adults who opt for Invisalign do not want associate themselves with social stigma that is attached to “wearing adult braces.” In some cases, teens are also suited to wear Invisalign. Invisalign is fully removable but must be worn for the majority of the day. If you need to attend an important life event such as a class reunion or wedding and you want to maintain a certain look, Invisalign – the nearly-invisible teeth straightening solution – is a viable cosmetic dentistry treatment option to consider.

Traditional metal braces

Today, traditional metal braces are still the gold standard to fixing teeth misalignment, crowding and other dental issues. This type of braces is especially useful for children, simply because compliance is a non-issue (because they cannot be removed) and they work great! There are parents out there who ask whether Invisalign is the correct teeth straightening solution for their kid’s teeth. It is not recommended as they are still young and compliance problems can arise when the braces can be removed or not worn correctly. If that happens, the results of the treatment will be compromised. If you wish to know when metal braces will become an excellent choice, it is when an adult suffers from severe occlusion – and want the best results possible – or when a child is in need of braces as their teeth is developing.